Podcast Raleigh

Eric Woodall, NC Theatre

October 12, 2021 Ashton & Hayes Season 4 Episode 1
Podcast Raleigh
Eric Woodall, NC Theatre
Show Notes

Up until barely a week before North Carolina Theatre's "9 to 5" opened--its first large production since pandemic restrictions began in 2020--Eric Woodall, the show's director and NCT's Producing Artistic Director, hadn't even seen the faces of all the cast members, since they were still practicing in masks. The precautions, the long layoff, the "what ifs" of constantly testing waiting for results are all part of getting back to the stage. But they're balanced by an excitement and enthusiasm to be back to performing before live audiences.

Eric has seen the development of Raleigh's theater scene over 40 years and now has the extremely large but extremely fun task of selecting the shows, picking the cast and putting on the 6 yearly productions for NC Theatre's season. We talked with him about the larger Raleigh theatre scene, as well as what folks can expect with a return to shows for NCT and what it means to be a professional equity theatre.

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