Podcast Raleigh

Sarah & Jeff Shepherd, Heights House Hotel

April 13, 2021 Ashton & Hayes Season 3 Episode 13
Podcast Raleigh
Sarah & Jeff Shepherd, Heights House Hotel
Show Notes

Have you ever constantly walked or driven passed a piece of property and thought, "You know what would be perfect here?" Sarah Shepherd had that same thought and, with the help of her husband Jeff, has turned withering Boylan Heights house Montford Hall into a stunning boutique hotel and event space: Heights House.

We talked to Sarah and Jeff about the history of the property, the process of obtaining it and renovating it and what to expect when it starts serving guests in May. Our topics ranged from the trivial, but necessary ("is it haunted?")  to the more serious ("did such a huge joint undertaking strain your relationship?").

Check out their website for room bookings and future events and their instagram page (@heightshousenc) for before, during and after pics of the property!

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