Podcast Raleigh

Carly Jones, Program Director at N.C. Arts Council; Performer

February 17, 2021 Ashton & Hayes Season 3 Episode 10
Podcast Raleigh
Carly Jones, Program Director at N.C. Arts Council; Performer
Show Notes

As a child, you could find Carly Jones pretending she was on Star Search (playing the role of both host and contestant), so it's no surprise that she ended up as a performer. She's played to international audiences and still performs music, theatre and opera on stages across the Triangle and beyond.

Later came the realization that she is not just passionate about performing, but about the arts themselves--their power to deliver messages, strengthen communities and influence society. That's how she found herself drawn to the work of the North Carolina Arts Council--which supports and grows all kinds of art and artists across the state--and why she calls herself and 'artivist', a mash-up of "activist" and "artist".

We talked to Carly about her journey as a performer and the work of the Arts Council, discussed the local Raleigh theatre scene and of course hit on what the pandemic has done to the arts.

You can see Carly performing RIGHT NOW as part of the "Our Stage, Your Screen" series being put on by Seed Art Share as a way to continue to bring theatre to audiences via Zoom performances. She'll also be a featured speaker at Walter Magazine's WINi Summit on February 21st.

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