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Jessica McDonald, NC Courage/USWNT forward

September 22, 2020 Ashton & Hayes Season 3 Episode 2
Podcast Raleigh
Jessica McDonald, NC Courage/USWNT forward
Show Notes

She's an athlete. A mother. A Black woman. A World Cup Champion. As Jess McDonald puts it: "I fall under a huge amount of categories." And all those categories have been highlighted in the past year and a half of competition, where McDonald has done everything from celebrate her sport's highest achievements with her son, to kneeling during the national anthem with her teammates and opponents as sports resumed during a pandemic.

What she's best known for is being a really, really good soccer player--but we tried to cover all the things that make up who McDonald is, including a time she considered giving up the game. Though McDonald, like several of her NC Courage teammates, has opted out of the NWSL's short fall season, she remains one of the faces of the franchise.

Ashton and Hayes also bring back their "interesting things" segment to touch on some positive news in what has been a tough year for downtown businesses. In addition, they try to talk through some of the issues surrounding the awakening the restaurant industry--as well as others--are going through in Raleigh and other places.

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