Podcast Raleigh

Stormie Forte, Raleigh City Council District D Representative

July 26, 2020 Ashton & Hayes Season 2 Episode 19
Podcast Raleigh
Stormie Forte, Raleigh City Council District D Representative
Show Notes

When a resignation created a vacancy on the Raleigh City Council, 54 individuals applied to be the next District D representative. The field was narrowed to a handful of folks who participated in public interviews conducted by the sitting council members, and of that group Raleigh native Stormie Forte was chosen to join the council. Once sworn in, she became the first Black female city council member in Raleigh's history.

While this role is new for Forte, a lawyer who works at Obsidian Consulting Services and also hosts a radio show, getting involved in any and all things Raleigh is something she's been doing for a while. Whether it's volunteering at Hopscotch or the Rex Open or sitting on a non-profit board like the North Carolina Science Museum Friends or the Clarence Lightner Achiever's, Forte rarely finds herself on the sidelines. We talked to her about her decision to run, the process, and what she wants to get started on now that she is officially a member of Raleigh's city council.

Special thanks to Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza of Raleigh--who is donating 15% of all Wednesday sales in July to the Wake Med Foundation--and Steele Residential, who has graciously donated their ad time during the pandemic to local non-profits, this episode they're supporting A Place At The Table.

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