Podcast Raleigh

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin talking coronavirus impact

April 13, 2020 Ashton & Hayes Season 2 Episode 10
Podcast Raleigh
Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin talking coronavirus impact
Show Notes

Around the time we should have been assessing Mary-Ann Baldwin's first 100 days on the job as Raleigh's mayor, everything changed as the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 became the biggest issue locally and globally.

Mayor Baldwin was kind enough to join us again (our first repeat guest!), this time to talk specifically about how the coronavirus is affecting life in Raleigh, where we stand currently, and planning for re-opening and recovery. Baldwin talks very soberingly about things like a crushing wave of rent payments and a difficult road for small businesses, but she also talks about very real hope she has for the city and its ability to regain the momentum it was riding before this pandemic hit.

Special thanks to Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza of Raleigh--who are still open and serving safe, delicious dinners--and Steele Residential, who has graciously donated their ad time during the pandemic to local non-profits, this episode they're supporting A Place At The Table.

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