Podcast Raleigh

Rhett Fussell, Raleigh Area Land Trust

February 10, 2022 Ashton & Hayes Season 4 Episode 4
Podcast Raleigh
Rhett Fussell, Raleigh Area Land Trust
Show Notes

Rhett Fussell is a transportation engineer, but when he bought some real estate he realized something important: it's not that feasible for everyone to purchase real estate. That sent him down a path that eventually led to him becoming a founder and interim director of the Raleigh Area Land Trust. RALT is Wake County's first land trust; there are land trusts in several U.S. cities including Durham and Chapel Hill.

We learn about what land trusts are, how they work, and why they can be one piece of the affordable housing puzzle solution. Rhett also shares with us some information on RALT's land acquisition's, including and exciting project in southeast Raleigh in partnership with the city and Raleigh Raised Development.

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