Podcast Raleigh

Mary-Ann Baldwin, Raleigh's Mayor-Elect

October 23, 2019 Season 1 Episode 30
Podcast Raleigh
Mary-Ann Baldwin, Raleigh's Mayor-Elect
Podcast Raleigh
Mary-Ann Baldwin, Raleigh's Mayor-Elect
Oct 23, 2019 Season 1 Episode 30
Ashton & Hayes
Raleigh's next mayor discusses first action steps when she's in office, the role of the Mayor, how she first got into city politics, and her love for cold weather vacations
Show Notes

Next month, Mary-Ann Baldwin will become Raleigh's mayor. After choosing to not run for city council re-election in 2017 after 5 terms, Baldwin seems eager to take the reins, and she definitely does not view the mayor's role as just another member of the City Council.

We talked to her about what her first priorities were once in office, affordable housing, modernizing community input into city planning, the Downtown South development, the learning curve and mentoring of new council members, who she'll lean on to mentor her in her new role and a whole lot more.

Before the interview, Ashton and Hayes discuss some new restaurant announcements, an NC Theatre show that just wrapped and our Raleigh soccer clubs in the playoffs (the Courage play for the NWSL title this weekend, NCFC lost Wednesday night in the first round of the playoffs). Also, we discuss our #Top3Raleigh NC State Fair FOODS!

Special thanks to our sponsor, Steele Residential--check them out for buying, selling or renting!

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